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Ben Pagliaro is a Jewish Singer-songwriter known for Worship Rap & Sacred Space


What do folks have to say about Ben?

"Ben is a pleasure to work with -- his neshama/soul and his ruach/energy, even beyond his wide-ranging musical prowess, are a great addition to our community. Whether on the bimah, in a classroom, or informal settings, he strikes just the right tone to move the group forward, and upward."


Rabbi Fred Scherlinder Dobb

"Zamar Ben is fantastic! Whether it’s Purim, Shabbat Shuva or Halloween, he can create the perfect atmosphere for whatever you need!"


Rabbi Laurie Green (Kehila Chadasha)

"Ben is able to create very enjoyable and introspective spaces where people can really reflect on themselves, and then use that to be creative. Creativity comes from so many places, and he is very good at getting people to use personal experience to manifest that creativity."


Adam Kohane

"Best program that I attended during the program. The topic and excercises were both interactive and related to Elul as a preparatory to Yamim N'orim."


Anonymous Congregant (Cincinnati, OH)

"Ben is wonderful. He knows how to work with kids ages 6-12 so well and really engages them thoughtfully. I loved working with him because he was always on top of what he created and had creative ways to use the materials."


Temple Israel (Westport, CT)

"Ben's music is birthed in his heart. He is fully present in every song he sings and plays and everything he does. Ben transforms every space he enters into a loving space where colleagues and listeners can be their whole selves"


Jennifer Zunikoff