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What is Sacred Space?

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Sacred Space is...


Jenna Zitomer

Sacred Space is

a place where anyone can come to relax, recenter and refocus during this hectic and uncertain time.

It’s judgement-free

and welcomes anyone

who is looking

for a sacred space

to call their own.


Shirah Kraus

Sacred space is

an opportunity to find meaning in this moment, wherever we are, whoever we are, however we are. Achen yesh Adonai bamakom hazeh. Behold, God is in this place.


Allie Henke

Sacred Space is a virtual embrace.

A space to be still, to be present,

and to find presence.

In this space, we heal. We breathe,

we sing, we find the strength

to just be, and to find community.

This is our place. Our place to learn, our place to laugh.

And our place to cry tears

of whatever kind we need,

because we hold each other up.

Featured Sacred Spaces

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